Link building

Strategies for Acquiring Backlinks

If you meet your target audience’s needs with content your site will receive backlinks. Period.

It is imperative to know your target audience well. Ask yourself, and others, what does my business offer its target audience? Also ask, what does my target audience search for?


Website Accessibility for the Disabled

Achieving website accessibility for the disabled is a moral imperative and the Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires U.S. government websites to be accessible, so it is not something to be taken lightly. It is only fair that those who have vision or audio impairments, motor difficulties, experience cognitive or intellectual disabilities, etc. be able to access the same information found on a website as others.

Pen and keyboard

Writing for an Online Audience

Writing content for websites, blogs, social media, etc. is very different than your traditional print writing. Often times I see people “dump” print content onto their website without thinking about whether it is readable or not by an online audience. They don’t take the time to repurpose their text for the Web, and in doing so they are losing their audience in a “wall of text” that is off-putting. This is sure to increase your bounce rate for that page.