Targeted email marketing services

Local Latitudes provides comprehensive email marketing services to those who need help with their email marketing campaigns or as an additional service to those for whom we are building a website. We will design attractive email templates for your business, import existing address lists, and train our clients how to use their email marketing software and create effective messaging strategies.

Here are just a couple of the primary reasons why email marketing is important for businesses.

Email marketing is a chance to really connect with your customer on a one-on-one basis and send them a personalized message that can include their first or last name, city/state, phone number, zip code, and more. This personalization has been shown to increase open-rate, click-through-rate, and conversions on your website. And when you target specific segments of your list, this only adds to the personalization because the person has a connection to the content, typically an interest.

It is easy to measure the effects of an email campaigns by linking it to Google Analytics (landing pages, conversions, bounce rates, etc.) and by the different metrics the email software provides (open-rate, click-through-rate, bounce rate, unsubscribes, etc.).